Fine. Be that way.

Thursday, October 22, 2009
My Mom is pretty rad. Prime example:

Last night I did my run, showered and got into my super comfy robe, turned the lights down and popped the "Char Reading '06" tape into my stereo. Hmmmmm - the tape deck wasn't working right and wouldn't play it. I went to try the other deck but the door was jammed shut, so I gently forced it open ANNNNNND ending up breaking the door mechanism. So now my tape player doesn't work and the door won't stay shut. Way ghetto and it will need to be replaced a to the sap.

My first instinct? Call my Mom. Even if I am totally frustrated, I know I can call her and make her laugh at my silly stories of misfortune, which inevitably cheers me up. It's always nice to have an outside perspective and she can usually turn any of my grumpiness around pretty quickly.

After talking to her I resolved myself to being patient and calling it an early night; I haven't been sleeping well but the run had me in a lovely state of healthy fatigue I haven't felt for a little while.

As soon as I settled on my couch to dash off a quick post, one of my bffs called me up and I got sucked into actually using some of my minutes (I'm a textoholic and usually barely use 200 minutes out of my 1000 per month). I finished up with him as my battery died, but no sooner had I plugged it in than I was getting yet another call, this time from Nat.

My evening wasn't going as planned, but I still ended up having some lovely conversations with friends and family that I probably would have missed if that damned tape player hadn't broken. So, fine - be that way.

As for the originally intended content of this post, I'm hijacking the radio/tape player from work in hopes that it actually functions and at some point this weekend I can make time to listen to the tape. Wish me luck.

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