NaBloPoMo begins!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
As November commences you should see my posts increase in frequency (and most likely brevity) as NaBloPoMo kicks off (that's National Blog Posting Month for those of you who aren't big into the "blog scene.") Essentially the main goal is to publish a post every single day for the entire month, following a daily prompt if you find yourself stuck for ideas.

I started with a pretty solid block last year but was thwarted around day 13 by illness, Red Dead Redemption and my Deadwood addiction.

Gratefully, this year I can see I'm in a much better place all around - mentally, physically, spiritually (the version/definition of the concept that is completely unrelated to any of that organized"stuff") and thanks to the wonderful world of technology I'm pretty sure I can blog from my Android phone (which may prove really useful for some travel plans I have coming up.)

I think you might consider staying tuned for my month of amateur porn, amateur vet-teching, roadtrips, strippers, and going away parties.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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