Is that rude?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I am slightly dreading tonight's bikram class. I'm back with my original instructor who seems to be slightly more hardcore than the one I've gotten used to, OR she was just trying to make a point with one of the girls in my class who (in my opinion) was being a bit rude.

From what I've seen so far, pacing is a pretty important aspect of bikram and in almost every pose this chick (who actually seemed quite adept at the poses) was coming out of the posture about 5 seconds before our teacher told us to "change," which is the signal to the students to slowly come out of the current pose. By the end of the session I was convinced that the instructor was holding the poses longer than usual just to make a point. Also, though I understand posture is important this girl was incessantly staring at herself in the side mirrors while the rest of us were diligently focused on the front mirrors as you're typically told to do at least a few times throughout a class.

Focus is key and you're definitely supposed to only be paying attention to yourself and your own practice but I found myself incredibly distracted by this student's behavior. I got the distinct feeling that she had either been practicing for a while or had taken the bikram teacher training, but I still think that the instructor is essentially the boss and you should do your best to stay with the rest of the class.

Am I being overly judgmental or was she not following the typical bikram etiquette? Either way, I'm praying she isn't in my class again this evening.

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