If only this was a dating blog...

Monday, July 18, 2011
...I'd have an endless stream of entertainment for you here.

Unfortunately, most of the guys I hang out with or have gone on dates with read and some of them definitely know the address of my blog. Honestly, they would probably (or should probably) be quite embarrassed if I called them out on their antics here and that's not really my style, though I'll most likely have an anecdote or two that I'm willing to share.

A fine example: the date from weekend before last not only doesn't read, he goes to Mars Hill Church. He repeated the phrases "holy firecracker" and "god didn't have to dam it, he could walk on water" too many times for me to count, but definitely enough to annoy me. After our date, the correspondence became increasingly pushy and then petty when I failed to be as responsive as he had apparently hoped.

I'm just not that into him.

Also, I am just not that into my neighbor who likes to play the drums between the hours of 10 PM and 12 AM with his windows wide open.

So, I have updated my list of dating rules to include "no boys who don't read (ESPN magazine doesn't count.)" and "no drummers. period."

In nerdy balcony vegetable garden news: my chive seeds have started sprouting, chard seeds are planted and in the next few days I'll get the broccoli seeds going. I'm stealing a "rustic" picnic table bench from the Madre's backyard to make sure the containers are high enough to maximize the sun exposure and I found the cutest little set of string lights to start creating some ambiance, bitches. Pictures soon, since I know you're all incredibly curious, right?

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i actually AM incredibly curious. so post away.

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