George RR Martin reading, Shotstravangaza™, housewarming/birthday party, Sangria-off, Charles: Ace of Bass

Friday, July 29, 2011
That's a lot of stuff to put in a blog post title. That's also a lot of stuff to do in one weekend. Actually, the first three events are occurring in one evening. I've made sure to get plenty of sleep over the past few days and I will be fueling up with plenty of caffeinated beverages, you can be sure.

First, there is the sold out George RR Martin "Dance of the Dragons" reading/signing at Town Hall. A friend sent out a plea asking someone to attend the reading to get a book signed on behalf of her French exchange sister whose boyfriend loves the Song of Fire and Ice series and since I was working my way through the first book with full intentions of reading the second, third, fourth and fifth, I was happy to oblige. She purchase two tickets to the event so I get to take a signed book home as well and I'm pretty freaking excited.

Then, off to a local Chinese restaurant/lounge for a going away party for one of the bartenders there that I am friends with, she'll be moving to Portland for a wonderful job opportunity and we'll be downing jello shots in her honor at the Shotstravaganza™.

Another lovely lady friend of mine is having a housewarming and joint birthday party for herself and one of the coolest almost-six year olds that I know (her kidlet Cash) and this is an additional "must-stop" scheduled for tonight.

Saturday, there's the Sangria-off at my homegirl's place with three different sangria "contest" contenders, plenty of adorable gays and cute little hipsters, of course.

As for Sunday, it seems due to my recent post about how much I enjoyed the Ubiquitous They show I've been invited to another local sketch comedy show, Charles: The Ace of Bass at the Satori Loft. It's an unfamiliar venue but UT will also be performing that night, so I'll at least know some of the faces. I have no doubt it's a good show, Lindy West from The Stranger has been singing their praises lately and my friend Gabriel from Seattle Show Gal (who has fantastic taste) had very nice things to say about their set at Laffhole. The show goes for 2 more weekends: this Saturday and Sunday and then Friday and Saturday of next week, with the doors opening at 8 PM each evening and show starting at 8:30 PM. Tickets are only $10 at the door and can also be purchased in advance at brown paper tickets so you should go see them too, because I'm sure you also like funny people, right? Here's a little taste of what we can look forward to:

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