Bikram yoga is hot.

Thursday, October 13, 2011
First session of Bikram: "Ohmigod, what are you doing? Are you crazy? An hour and a half of this? Just lay down, jeezus. I feel gross and out of shape."

Second session of Bikram: "Wellll, I don't think this is helping with my cold, but hey - I can actually do that pose! Oof, okay, maybe I should lay down for this one. Ahh, look at the first-timers...It ain't easy, is it, bitches? Okay, maybe I'm not so gross and out of shape."

Third session of Bikram: "Alright, it doesn't seem as ridiculously hot...Oh really, Miss Instructor, you want me to do what? Oh. Wow. I can do it. Weird. Oh my goodness, I barely laid down at all - I rock! Peep those muscles - I'm looking good!"

After my third class, the instructor (I had a different teacher for the first 2 classes) asked me if I had gone to another studio and when I told her that I had only done mat work at home with DVDs she complimented me by saying I did very well for someone with only 3 classes under their belt and had demonstrated a really good practice. I was pretty damn proud of myself.

Already it seems when I can't make it to 2 classes a week I start to get the "itch" and start trying to figure out where I can squeeze it into my schedule. I've got another class tonight....I may just be addicted.

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