I love Seattle.

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Every time I drive through the city I am truly struck by its beauty; on sunny days Seattle just makes you feel good to be alive.

I am going to briefly touch on recent events and then continue this blog in its original vein and speak about the positive things that are upcoming for me.

Ma and I had to say goodbye to our 18 year old cat B.C. on Saturday. His liver was failing and quality of life was decreasing at an increasing pace. He went quietly after lots and lots of petting.

Bear is leaving. Had I been honest with myself, I would have seen this coming long ago and I had at least a few friends who did. I'm okay, but in the next six weeks I have to find a new place to live! Having become quite fond of the Junction, I am willing to give up a few amenities to be able to remain in the area. Once again, I'll be packing every night after work.

My amazing friends have rallied around me and I am looking forward to a bright future, happily on my own again. I've had a lot of new design ideas and having free reign over the space for paint and art and such will be super refreshing. Having more time for girlfriends is also a huge bonus and I have no doubt there will be a lot more social activity for this domestic goddess. The dust should settle in a few weeks and I can get back to my fabulous life as I once knew it!

***I will say that I highly doubt I will be cohabitating with a beau pre-putting-a-ring-on-it ever again and even after that it may be somewhat difficult to convince me.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. You seem so positive about it, I am going through the same thing-ish. I am a total wreck, you are very inspiring.

Alyson O'Holic said...

Honestly, I know I am an awesome girlfriend despite how people of his culture may look at my behavior, so that makes it easier for me. Plenty of aspects of this situation suck, but it is all temporary -I'll come through it with my friends and family and some great life lessons on the other side.

Keep your head up!

Lostinspaceneedle said...

I love you more than my wingspan!!!!!

Alyson O'Holic said...

love YOU bff!

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