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Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Ughhhhh, I am not ready for it to be so consistently gray in Seattle.
I've come to the conclusion that my only option is to consciously make the decision to embrace fall in a big ol' bear hug despite the fact it feels like I barely got to enjoy the summer. Don't get me wrong - I was looking forward to the new season, I just wasn't expecting it so soon.

I truly love fall and it's fashion; give me a great pair of jeans and boots, a fuzzy sweater or a fitted blazer and a cozy scarf and I am a happy happy girl. Essentially my first step will be rotating and assessing my wardrobe; this is technically perfect timing since I have a huge pile of laundry that currently needs to be put away. Then I'm contemplating finally going and buying myself a pair of cute rain boots so I can be ready to go out and play in the cool, wet weather.

Last year I was a bit distracted from my usual fall lovefest; this year I want to go to a corn maze and the pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins and burn candles that smell like the woods...I want to cover my furniture in soft, fluffy throws and pull out my slippers and pajama pants and read in front of the fireplace while I sip hot tea or hot toddies...I want to make soups and fresh breads and go for runs in the rain...

Ok, yeah, now I'm ready.

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