Fee Fi Fo Fum...

Monday, February 13, 2012
...I went on a date with an Englishman.

I drank tea; he drank fizzy water because he's apparently a PG Tips snob and none of the 150+ varieties that the tea house offered could have possibly been adequate.

I had rushed from a clothing swap at Dubs' to Remedy Teas on the Hill to meet up with him and shortly before the date ended, I realized I could not recall exactly where I had parked my car. As we wandered around in the rain trying to locate the errant Hyundai I became acutely aware that I seem to be making stellar first impressions on these recent dates. I guess that either way I'm making these meetings memorable, right?

I think the past 3 weeks of drama and stress and overtime at work succeeded at temporarily melting my brain, so for the moment I am going to disable my online dating profile and enjoy getting back into the normal groove of my life. Back to Bikram, back to being on top of my Domestic Goddessing, back to life, back to reality...

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